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Internet Accountability: A Top Priority

The Internet, as most of us know, can be one of the world’s greatest assets or one of Satan’s most powerful tools to destroy lives. The availability of the Internet has opened lines of communication and been an incalculable boon to business and trade worldwide. However, included in the business boon online has been the availability of pornography to an extent that few people realize. Just as the Internet has been a terrific stimulus for all kinds of business it has also been the root cause of untold pain and destruction the lives of people and marriages. It is no longer necessary for those who wish to view porn to go to an adult bookstore, order videos or subscribe to adult channels on television. All that one would like to see is available for free in the privacy of one’s own home.

One of the biggest advantages to the person who gets caught up in the Internet porn habit is the total lack of accountability. Even the most godly appearing Christian can easily become trapped in the sin/repent cycle of lust and sin through viewing Internet porn. It seems that one could go on for years and never get “found out” regarding their online habits. However, it is important for Christians to remember that God is not mocked and be sure your sins will find you out. Hundreds of thousands of marriages have been destroyed because of the sin of Internet pornography. Individual lives have been destroyed, testimonies ruined, jobs lost and financial devastation brought on, all because of this sin and the lack of accountability for the person involved in it. These ramifications are, of course, just what Satan desires for the child of God.

I am not advocating that people avoid the Internet altogether. I am advocating that basic precautions be taken to avoid the snare that Satan is waiting to trap you in every time you go online. One approach is to utilize some of the excellent programs out there to minimize the possibility of Satan’s attacks being successful.

One such program that works well for me is the Internet filtering and accountability services from Covenant Eyes offers online filtering of websites and gives the administrator an opportunity to customize how much filtering is desired. My favorite part of Covenant Eyes service is the accountability portion. This service gives the user the opportunity to select one or several accountability partners who will receive a report of all websites visited by the user. The report can be generated daily, weekly or monthly. It is an outstanding deterrent for the user to deliberately access sites that are known to be problematic. I have discovered that when I know that my accountability partners are going to be informed weekly of my web explorations there is no stronger force to keep me honest and pure.

Covenant Eyes offers rates that are discounted for families and lower rates for churches when multiple members sign up. I urge you to go to their website at to learn more and start protecting yourselves, your employees and you family as soon as possible.


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